Monday, September 29, 2008

Tough but Flawless

HOP Models and Talent Agency promotes positive awareness surrounding the many possibilities that can lead to a successful career within the entertainment industry.

The ability to accept changes, criticism, and responsibility is a way to build intrapersonal character and good merits among clients. Knowing who you are is not only a rule for life but is also the HAMMER needed to break into the fashion and entertainment industry. You need to have TOUGH but FLAWLESS skin to make it far in this world.

Here are 2 helpful tips from the desk of HOP:

1) Be comfortable in your own skin : You will be face with everyday critique, take others advice and find ways to make them apply to you, remember sometimes hearing things from others can be the best visual for you.

2) Practice Make Perfect: Get into a habit of healthy eating, daily exercising and time management. Also, develop your skill read more, take pictures, sing out loud, and strut on the catwalk, PRACTICE!!!PRACTICE!!!PRACTICE. Remember you are a product and you want to be market as "top of the line".

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